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Just about summertime!

Sun, 05/07/2023 - 23:33 - Robert Searing

It's been a busy year! Kids are getting older and school is getting ready to let out! 

Well, we're really excited about several new releases. We continue to be your number one shop for pre-assembled board game organizers that not only store sleeved cards, but also are designed with your needs in mind. We try to design all of our organizers to support removable resource trays that you can place right beside the game area as well as removable player trays that have all the necessary pieces for each player to begin the game. With Earth, we not only did that, but duplicated the number of resource trays so that you could have them scattered around the large playing area!

Additionally, we've been working hard at a storage solution for Marvel Champions! If you're interested in pricing or more details, please email me at robertsearing@hotmail.com. We have trays for all the currently released products and all of them fit very nicely within wooden storage/art-kit boxes that can be easily found at either Hobby Lobby or Michaels!