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Customer Testimonials

By NICOLAS M. on 10/05/2019 - 7:46am

I highly recommend this site for inserts, light and functionnal ! Gret communication et very friendly people.

I ordered to France and shipping was really reasonnable and package arrived without any damage.

Thank you so much for your nice work and I'll purchase without hesitation again in the future.

By Matthew E. on 05/18/2019 - 9:05pm

Purchased the legendary box organizer for Scythe and couldn't be happier. The insert didn't require any assembly and the packing was very well protected.

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By Paul E. on 05/16/2019 - 12:22am

I was looking into those laser cut wood game organizers for FFG's Imperial Assault when I stumbled upon Insert Here while searching on Google.  I was immediately sold on the price and labor.  See, although the laser cut wood organizers are roughly the same price they generally require assembly, something for which I don't have the time nor crafting ability to do well.   I have in the past painstakingly crafted my own organizers from the same materials used by Insert Here so I know I am getting my money's worth in labor alone.

Additionally, the organizers (I bought two and took advantage of an ongoing special) came perfectly assembled with no weak spots or glue lifts that I've yet to experience and the dice trays/counter trays seem to be the exact height needed to weather the wear of sitting on the gaming table within everyone's reach to grab and pull towards themselves.

However, the one major difference between Insert Here organizers and the competitors' wood organizers is the wood organizers generally have adjustable slotted out space for individual miniatures whereas Insert Here's don't, but that is not a knock against them.  I don't paint my miniatures so piling them all into a convenient cut out section of my organizer is just fine.  If you paint your miniatures you might need a secondary or other solution.

Bottom Line:  these are well worth the value in quality and labor costs alone, but if you want protection for individual minis you may have to look elsewhere.  Worth the wait too!

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By Omar H. on 04/01/2019 - 8:25am

Thanks so much Robert! You were responsive, professional and, most importantly, provided an excellent finished product! My Star Wars Rebellion game never had it so good! I'll be back!

By Justin W. on 08/17/2018 - 8:26pm

I always have hesitations when buying 3rd-party accessories for my games. Even if they review well I don't know if what I'm buying will be exactly what I'm looking for and expecting. I'm pleased to say that Insert Here exeeded my expectations with a fantastic, hand-crafted insert. I bought the insert for Splendor that supports the Cities expansion as well. It fits perfectly in the box and tightly packs in all of the components for both games. I'm really pleased with the quality of the material used, and I will definitely buy from Rob again!

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By Mark H. on 07/18/2018 - 3:48pm

Loving this insert, as I can now keep everything organized inside on my Jarl edition big box. This insert is well-made, intuitive and worth the short wait. If you have champions, please consider this insert for your game!!

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By Danielle M. on 06/28/2018 - 7:44pm

We live only 10 minutes away from Rob and had the privilege of picking up our inserts directly from him. We ordered 11 inserts, and will certainly be ordering more in the future. The quality is excellent and they were all put together well, sturdy, and you can tell that he put a lot of thought to design them in a way that makes the games faster to set up and put away. His selection of inserts is huge (currently over 250 different inserts)- larger than any of the wood insert companies. The foam won't add as much weight as the wooden inserts, plus there is no assembly that you have to do as Rob does all of the work.

Rob is extremely fast to respond to Facebook messages and e-mails. It was a pleasure to meet him in person and he kindly chatted with us about board games for a long time. He is a very hard working, dedicated, family oriented guy and we are happy to support his business.

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By Jeffrey S. on 06/12/2017 - 2:55pm

I recently received 2 inserts from Rob for the Suburbia and Village board games, and I can honestly say I'm more than satisfied with what I received. I will admit that I was incredibly anxious having to wait almost 2 1/2 months for the inserts to arrive, but it was well worth the wait. Everything fit perfectly in the inserts, and in the case of the Village board game, it'll probably save me a minimum of 20 minutes in setup and teardown between game playings.

If I do end up buying future board games that Rob has an insert for here, I will definitely be buying that insert as well. Just remember that if you're new to buying from here, be aware that he's making these in his own home between just him and his wife for the most part, so expect a significant wait. That wait however is more than worth it, as the inserts I received fit absolutely perfectly.


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By Jozef W. on 03/14/2017 - 12:10am

I ordered 5 inserts recently (Betrayal, Cry Havoc, Dead Men, Mysterium and Guilds of London) and was quite pleased with all of them. They came pre-assembled​ which was my first experience like that with inserts and I can't express enough how easy this made the storage process. I have messed with other inserts that required assembly and I honestly don't know that I would do that again.

I can see how these will make setup and teardown easier in games and am excited to use them on future game nights.

I appreciate the quality products you make here and cannot thank you enough for the open lines of communication while they were being built. I look forward to buying more in the future as more get released. Thanks!!!

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By matthew b. on 01/02/2017 - 12:25pm

I purchased the Betrayal at House on the Hill v2 insert and it's perfect for my needs. There's plenty of spaces for the MASSIVE amount of tokens this game contains, and its expansion. Everything is kept in pretty great order, and it all fits in the base game (2nd Edition) with the lid only raised up less than a centimeter. It was a little pricey (almost more than the cost of the two games), but I'm not going to take a star away for that because... well I knew what I was buying. I mean, with this sudden resurgance of the table top genre, someone stands to make some money... that's just capitalism, man. Also, it's my understanding that this is a small "mom and pop" operation, so the money is getting put to good use. The insert itself is made of pretty high-quality foam core, and is held together really well. This was the only company I could find that made an insert for this game (which, like Dead of Winter, becomes a necessity), and I was really looking. There's a couple of Etsy guys out there that have some pretty cool ideas for this game, but you're going to end up dropping a LOT of cash going that route. If you're serious about this game I would also recommend these:


I bought a white set of these replacement clips (as the base ones suuuuuuuuuuuuck) and painted them all to match their respective character.

One final note: I'm surprised that the insert business is such a prominent one. I mean, I understand it, but man... Organization is pretty key in some games. In the case of games like DoW it can be the difference between a twenty minute setup or a five minute setup. I just wish that some companys would take the time to think about that when creating these things. Hmm... I don't know, maybe the industry is still getting to that "leveling out" point. Dammit... I'm thirty-four years old, and while I'm not like embarressed about playing tabletop games, I'm just disappointed that only NOW are we getting really cool games. Do you know how hard it is for guys in their thirties to organize game nights with their other friends who have full-time jobs, are married, or just fatigued from age? It's almost impossible. When I was a kid we had Monopoly-MONOPOLY!?! Have you played that game, lately? It's so bad.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the insert, and would recommend for anyone looking to play some serious Betrayal.