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Passport Game Studios Contest & New Releases

Thu, 06/16/2016 - 13:48 - Robert Searing

I've been teasing it for several weeks now and have finally released a video that explains the details of the upcoming Passport Game Studios / Insert Here giveaway. In it I also spend a good portion of the video giving thanks to many that have helped me along the 2+ years of business we've had. This is my first attempt at a video and, therefore, I ask for your understanding in some of the mistakes I made. Most embarrassing was the video cut-out durng my mention of Donald Dennis and Erik Dewey with Onboard Games - who were one of the first to feature me on their show. I also forgot to mention CoolStuffInc and my good friend Patrick Nickell (with Crash of Games). For that, I am very sorry. Lastly, I have just released the inserts for the games mentioned in the video into the store. Youcan read more about these in my current newsletter here.