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This organizer is composed of thirteen different removable trays and will hold premium sleeved cards. Although this won't fit the minis from the Exosuit Commander Pack expansion (the tray in that box holds them VERY nicely) it does hold the cards and die in one of the trays. Additionally, the (included) Doomsday module and Chronobot components add-ins each have their own tray (with space in the building tile tray for their dice. The Resource tray has an additional compartment for ad-hoc stroage of pieces. A tray also is designed to hold the workers and another tray holds the mini-cards. Yet another tray holds the Timeline and Superproject tiles along with the Leader cards. Another tray is there to hold the remaining components while four separate trays hold the individual player pieces for easy distribution at the beginning of the game. The player banner tiles serve as a lid for a secret compartment to hold the Time Travel and Morale markers. A empty, larger, tray is there to use as you see fit. I use it to store the cardboard equivalents of the plastic resource tokens. The organizer is designed so that the trays are all stacked as pictured, leaving enough room for smaller board (pictured) to fit in a designed recess and then the larger boards and manual placed on top.  (Game not included)