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Scythe (v1)


Please read this description in its entirety. This insert holds the base game alone. My insert is composed of (13) separate trays and takes advantage of the plastic tray that comes with all versions of the game to hold the mech and player character minis. It is also designed to hold sleeved cards. For the larger cards, the sleeve size is 110mm long. (I had to cut down my 120 mm FFG sleeves - but Mayday Games makes sleeves specifically for this game). It will hold the "add-on" board that was made available through the Kickstarter project (and available to purchase later) and holds both the cardboard and upgraded money tokens (both in their respective trays) and will hold both the wooden and upgraded resources. Using the insert without the additional game board will change the look of your game from that of the picture slightly - due to the lowering of several of the game trays. There are a few additional openings in case you would prefer to store any of the resources/money separately. Again, please note, the upgraded money (metal coins) and tokens do not come with the retail version and can be purchased via Top Shelf Gamer. (Game not included)