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Game setup and breakdown move from "super annoying" to "easy peasy"

By Brian B. on 06/19/2018 - 10:20am

As much as I love playing Caverna, there have been numerous occasions where I chose to play another game simply because the thought of dumping out dozens of bags of components and sorting them to get ready to play just seemed exhausting.

No more!

This insert actually makes setting up the game enjoyable now. Everything has a place and it all is easily accessible. This is a massive improvement over playing the game without an insert.

My only complaint would be that there is a single compartment for ALL of the dwarves and stables which means that I have to dig them all out, sort them by color, and then put the ones not being used back in, every time I want to play. It would be nice to have those separated by color in the insert itself.

For anyone who enjoys playing Caverna, this insert is a worthy investment.

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By Robert Searing on

Thank you for the comment. I'll have to take a gander at the dwarves compartment - it was one of my earlier designs and probably could use some tweaking. It is hard, though, to get everything to fit....but thank you for your business and comment.