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Exactly what I needed

By matthew b. on 01/02/2017 - 12:25pm

I purchased the Betrayal at House on the Hill v2 insert and it's perfect for my needs. There's plenty of spaces for the MASSIVE amount of tokens this game contains, and its expansion. Everything is kept in pretty great order, and it all fits in the base game (2nd Edition) with the lid only raised up less than a centimeter. It was a little pricey (almost more than the cost of the two games), but I'm not going to take a star away for that because... well I knew what I was buying. I mean, with this sudden resurgance of the table top genre, someone stands to make some money... that's just capitalism, man. Also, it's my understanding that this is a small "mom and pop" operation, so the money is getting put to good use. The insert itself is made of pretty high-quality foam core, and is held together really well. This was the only company I could find that made an insert for this game (which, like Dead of Winter, becomes a necessity), and I was really looking. There's a couple of Etsy guys out there that have some pretty cool ideas for this game, but you're going to end up dropping a LOT of cash going that route. If you're serious about this game I would also recommend these:


I bought a white set of these replacement clips (as the base ones suuuuuuuuuuuuck) and painted them all to match their respective character.

One final note: I'm surprised that the insert business is such a prominent one. I mean, I understand it, but man... Organization is pretty key in some games. In the case of games like DoW it can be the difference between a twenty minute setup or a five minute setup. I just wish that some companys would take the time to think about that when creating these things. Hmm... I don't know, maybe the industry is still getting to that "leveling out" point. Dammit... I'm thirty-four years old, and while I'm not like embarressed about playing tabletop games, I'm just disappointed that only NOW are we getting really cool games. Do you know how hard it is for guys in their thirties to organize game nights with their other friends who have full-time jobs, are married, or just fatigued from age? It's almost impossible. When I was a kid we had Monopoly-MONOPOLY!?! Have you played that game, lately? It's so bad.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the insert, and would recommend for anyone looking to play some serious Betrayal.