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By Paul E. on 05/16/2019 - 12:22am

I was looking into those laser cut wood game organizers for FFG's Imperial Assault when I stumbled upon Insert Here while searching on Google.  I was immediately sold on the price and labor.  See, although the laser cut wood organizers are roughly the same price they generally require assembly, something for which I don't have the time nor crafting ability to do well.   I have in the past painstakingly crafted my own organizers from the same materials used by Insert Here so I know I am getting my money's worth in labor alone.

Additionally, the organizers (I bought two and took advantage of an ongoing special) came perfectly assembled with no weak spots or glue lifts that I've yet to experience and the dice trays/counter trays seem to be the exact height needed to weather the wear of sitting on the gaming table within everyone's reach to grab and pull towards themselves.

However, the one major difference between Insert Here organizers and the competitors' wood organizers is the wood organizers generally have adjustable slotted out space for individual miniatures whereas Insert Here's don't, but that is not a knock against them.  I don't paint my miniatures so piling them all into a convenient cut out section of my organizer is just fine.  If you paint your miniatures you might need a secondary or other solution.

Bottom Line:  these are well worth the value in quality and labor costs alone, but if you want protection for individual minis you may have to look elsewhere.  Worth the wait too!


By Robert Searing on

Thank you soooooo much. I appreciate your business, kind words, and patience.