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Outstanding products and even better customer service

By John T. on 10/10/2016 - 9:12pm

I have purchased box inserts from several of Robert's competitors. I buy for the games I play the most. Some of those I had to assemble myself so Insert Here is superior for me because no assemble is required. Others were nice for storage but did not enhance setup and tear down which is where Robert's products shine. I have played with the Scythe and Orleans Deluxe storage systems in place. They really helped get us into the game quickly. Great stuff! There is nothing like having more time to play more games. I will say that it took a long time to receive my order. Insert Here is a two person operation and every insert is made to order. The inserts were well worth the wait and the price I paid.

While being a small business may increase the time it takes to get your order, I think it also helps Robert provide customer service that is next to none. One of my inserts arrived with a fit problem. I sent an e-mail late Monday night. Robert responded within an hour and had a fix delivered to me four days later! I have received good customer service from other companies, but never like that. 

Since I am always looking for value, I was drawn in to Insert Here by a sale. The product and customer service will keep me coming back. Nice job!