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Scoville, New Bedford, Dead of Winter et al.

By Bob N. on 10/09/2016 - 3:19pm

I used to use plano boxes that are expensive or often would not fit in game box. Dead of Winter was my first purchase of Robert's inserts. I  was so impressed with the attention to detail and quality of his inserts that I  will always us nothing but his inserts from now on. Over time his selection of inserts has grown substantially so that now you can always find one for the game you want or get him a copy of game and he can custom make one for you.  These are clearly projects of love  given the care he takes to design each. I have recently had direct dealings with him and have find him to be of great character and a genuinely nice person.  He will always have my support after that. His inserts rate 5 across the baord and I have never been disappointed.