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2/11/2016 New Release Update & Contest Reminder

Thu, 02/11/2016 - 15:47 - Robert Searing

New Releases

I am proud to announce two new releases and two new revisions! Before sharing more details I want to clarify to those that might be concerned about delayed orders that these new releases were specifically tied to orders. As many of you know I offer a "game for insert" trade for items not in inventory (email me if you'd like more details). The two new products were part of that sale which came in actually prior to the Black Friday sale. The revisions were due to people ordering them and the expansions having released since the order was placed and me wanting to make sure that I took steps to upgrade them so as not to have them turn around and make another purchase for the revision. That's not my business plan and not how I intend to make money. Having said that, should anyone own a previous version of a product, email me privately and I will provide you with a coupon code good towards your entire order so long as the revision is in that order and you previously purchased the original. What I'm trying to say is that the discount will not just be towards the revision - but the entire order. So, here's the new releases. For more details you can visit www.inserthere.me and click on either the "New Inserts" or "New Revisions" menu item under "New Arrivals" menu item.

Legends of Andor Revision - Holds base game & Heroes & Star Shield expansions

Note: This revision requires use of one of the expansion boxes to hold a card tray.

Colt Express - Holds base game & Horses / Stagecoach expansion




Don't miss out on entering the Viticulture / Tuscany give-away contest. For more details, and to enter, click here.

As always - thank you for your patience and continued interest/patronage!!