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8/23/2016 - New Products, Meeplized, BGC Certified

Tue, 08/23/2016 - 13:01 - Robert Searing

New Products

Several new products have hit the store front this week. I am very excited about the first, which was made available with the help of Top Shelf Gamer.

This storage system holds not only the base game but also the Tribes & Prophecies expansion. It is composed of (10) removable trays to make game set-up and tear-down extremely easy and fast.Trays are designed so that those that hold commonly used resources (ie corn, stone, crystal skulls, etc) can be placed right next to the board. NOTE: This storage system is *only* meant for those that have the expansion and have retained the expansino box as that box is used to store the game boards and manuals, leaving the main box to house the insert.

This insert is quite simple and allows for storage of sleeved cards. Individual trays exist for easy distribution of trains at game set-up. The card tray can be placed beside the board and also used as a card dispenser after they've been shuffled.

Insert Here is Boardgame Corner Certified

This is something that I'm really excited about. The folks over at Boardgame Corner expressed their official support and appreciation for Insert Here by choosing us to be their first "Corner Certified" award recepient. This is their award of excellence for games or accessories that they feel are top notch. The Boardgame Corner is composed of Mark, Randy, and Ann and all are involved in producing excellent board game reviews. BGC has been a regular contributor to the Dice Tower as well. I'm honored by the award and just cannot express, enough, my gratitude to them and their appreciation for what we do here at Insert Here for the board gaming community. The appreciation goes both ways and I'm always awe-inspired by the quality of their reviews!

Insert Here Meeple Limited Edition Meeple

Insert Here has been working with the folks over at Meeple Source for some time on a few projects (Keep your eyes out for a revised Puerto Rico insert that will hold the deluxe uprade kit from MS). Additionally (and this will be a few more months before it's realized) the Insert Here logo man will be Meeplized and every order, upon its arrival, will include a free limited edition copy! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for that announcement.

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Thank you to all of my customers!