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Coupon Code & Tons of Releases

Thu, 04/28/2016 - 13:17 - Robert Searing

So much has happened in April 2016! First, I want to thank all of my cusotmers for their continued patience! With lots of hard work, I've been able to dramatically reduce my turn-around time and continue to do so with each passing day. This has only been accomplished by working 7-days a week and putting my customers first - coupled with, as I mentioned - the patience of such wonderful customers! Thank you!

Coupon Code

In celebration of all that we've accomplished in April - and to thank my customers in some small way, I am offering a coupon that wll be good through the end of this weekend. AprilSale2016 code will allow you to get a free insert with the purchase of any 2. That's right - you can get a FREE insert!!! Thank you - so much - for making Insert Here as successful as it is.

Social Media

I'll be announcing this on Twitter (@inserthere_me) and my Facebook page (facebook.com/insertherellc). I need your help! Please, if you haven't already, I'd ask that you consider following my Twitter and/or liking my Facebook page. Sharing my coupon and new release post would help too. I would really like to get the word out about our products and need your help. Thank you!


Even More New Releases

This month has seen some pretty exciting releases - including Star Wars: Rebellion, Zombicide: Black Plague, and Escape: Zombie City! You can check out all the new releases by clicking here. Well, I am proud to announce two new exciting releases:

Dead Men Tell No Tales

This insert is composed of 2 removable trays and is designed to hold sleeved cards. Each Tray can be easily placed by the board tiles for easy set-up & tear-down. The trays are designed so that the 20 tokens destined for the bag are stored in the bag. You can click here for more pictures.

North Wind

This insert is composed of seven trays and designed so that you can fit them beside the assembled boats without having to dismantle the boats at any time. Four of the trays are designed to hold player pieces so that, at game start-up, all you need to do is hand out a tray to every player. One of the trays is used to hold the resources while another holds the tiles. The last tray holds the remaining pieces and can be placed by the board (for the canons and scrolls). You can click here for more pictures.