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More New Releases

Wed, 02/17/2016 - 10:02 - Robert Searing

More New Releases

I'm very excited to announce (3) new releases to the store. One of them was actually completed some time ago, but I had forgotten to take pictures (Mistfall). The other two are part of a custom order request that has been in queue. Mistfall does fit sleeved cards (and there's a ton of them). Both Betrayal at House on the Hill and Castles of Burgundy come with several removable trays to place commonly used bits right by the board for easy tear-down and set-up. Betrayal even comes with a multi-tiered insert! I hope you enjoy them. (You can learn more about them by clicking here)

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Castles of Burgundy


Update on Sales

Great news! Through lots of hard work and many hours, I am nearly done with fulfilling all of the Black Friday sales and have even been putting a dent into the post BF sales! Long story short, I'm getting closer and closer to getting caught up. I cannot thank all of my customers enough for their patience. PLEASE NOTE: If your order is a gift that is time sensitive in any way, please let me know by emailing me direct! I will do my VERY best to squeeze those orders in!

Blood Rage Delay

I was contacted, by Cool Mini or Not, that the Kickstarter material has been delayed at shipping. I actually own the base game and (2) present expansions but would rather wait until I receive these KS components so that I can do my best to accommodate both my KS and non-KS versions owned by customers!


Don't miss out on our current contest where you can win both a copy of Viticulture (2nd ed) and Tuscany. For more details you can click here. And, although not a board game, here's a sneak peek at next week's contest

Thank You

A newsletter would not be complete without thanking all of my customers for their continued patronage, support, and business. The emails I get showing support are .... very humbling and I can only hope that I continue to provide you with products that you have come to enjoy so much! From my family to you - thank you!!