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More New Releases and Contest Update

Wed, 03/30/2016 - 12:17 - Robert Searing

New Releases

I'm very happy to announce two new exciting storage systems. I call them "storage systems" as they are both comprised of many different insert trays to make setting up the game and distributing pieces to players and by the board extremely fast and easy. So without futher ado - 

La Granja

La Granja is a wonderful game published by Stronghold Games. The storage system comes with eight removable trays. Four of them are set up and ready to be distributed to each player (up to 4 players). There are two trays that can be placed easily by the board for easy set-up as well as an additional two trays to help organize the various other components that are to be placed on the game board.

BattleLore (second edition)

BattleLore is designed to house the base game and accommodate sleeved cards. It has five removable trays. Two of those can easily be handed over to each player and houses their armies. Another tray is used to organize each players cards. Other trays are there to help organize the various components used in the game.

Contest Update

Have you been to the contest page yet (click here). I am giving away a Lego Millenium Falcon Lego set in celebration of releasing my newest Imperial Asaault insert that can be used in addition with the first to house all current expansions and add-on packs. It is designed to fit into the "Return to Hoth" box and will hold it, the Twin Shadows expansion and a number of other packs (see product description for a list of all of them). DID YOU KNOW that you can earn FIVE ENTRIES simply by tweeting a creative picture that is Star Wars themed that somehow incorporates Insert Here into it. FIVE ENTRIES!!! Simply tag @inserthere_me - I'd love to show them off.

Orders Update

So, as I believe I've mentioned, we finally made it through Black Friday sales. What's good about that is that each of those orders would have consisted of at least four inserts each. Now, I'm down to onesie / twosie orders and have been cranking through 5-7 inserts a day. I did take Easter off and a few weeks prior to that I had a good friend pass away which led to about a 4 day road trip to Wyoming. That aside, just last night, I was able to get 7 inserts complete. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm, slowly, improving upon my turn-around time and just cannot thank you all enough for your patience!!

Upcoming Releases

I plan on getting inserts out real soon for Tailfeathers, Thunderbirds, and, actually, North Wind. North Wind comes with a superior insert however it is dependant upon people opening up the assembled boats to store pieces which, in my opinion, will add wear and tear (over time) to thsoe boats. Another that I am planning on toying with is Automobiles which, again, has a great insert, but doesn't hold the wear cubes in the containers that hold the other cubes and, well, I feel the plastic containers may wear over time, so - we'll see.

Again - thank you for all you do to support Insert Here! Thank you for your business - your patience - for helping to support a family owned business!! Have a great week!