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New Contest and Products

Mon, 08/15/2016 - 20:59 - Robert Searing

New Contest

It's that time again! Time for a new contest. Ice Cool was a fantastic game that I was able to obtain at Gen Con this year. I wrote up an article on it here. It is a game that my family likes tremendously! I decided to build an insert for it that would fit premium sleeved cards and organize the pieces together. It's a very simple design for a very simple and fun game! You can win a copy by visiting our contest page here. The winner will receive a sealed copy of the game along with our custom insert.

New Products


This storage system holds not only the base game, but also the Jewelry Box expansion. Please note, that I only provided enough space to hold the rule book of your chosen language (it comes with several books in different languages). It also will hold premium sleeved cards. There is a large opening to hold the player boards, cloth bag (holding the dress tokens) and Jewelry add-on market place. The system is composed of seven individual trays with six of them being removable from the one main tray (for easy storage of currency game pieces and distribution of player tokens).

Ice Cool

This is a very simple tray that holds organizes all the player pieces while fitting premium sleeved cards.


Attending Gen Con has backed me up a bit and for that I am extremely sorry. I assure you I am working 7 days-a-week and putting in about 15-16 hour days to get caught up. If any of your purchases are time-sensitive, please bring that to my attention. Additionally, I had run two fairly good sales that were back-to-back and really increased the queue. With the help of my wife, we are cranking out as much as we can while retaining the quality that you've come to expect of Insert Here. I thank you all for your kind patience and understanding. We are a small business (2 of us) that make these as they are ordered and all by hand. We are extremely grateful for our customer base and their loyalty and kindness!

Coming Soon!

Insert Here has been working with Meeple Source to design a deluxe version of our Puerto Rico insert that will fit the Meeple Source Puerto Rico set of components. Look for this to hit the store very soon! While you're at it, please consider checking out Meeple Source's Kickstarter page! They have a campaign going on for new sets and all sorts of fun!