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New Release, Auction Update, and Coupon

Mon, 12/28/2015 - 11:05 - Robert Searing


Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Christmas last year and you're getting ready for a Happy New Year. Just a small note regarding orders. I had a huge influx of orders as a result of the Black Friday Sale. I sent out an email asking for all those that had purchased these as presents to let me know and my focus was on getting those orders completed first. I have gone back to regaular order now and am completing orders out everyday. I really appreciate your patience!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! - 20% off

To celebrate the New Year I am providing the following coupon code, "ihnewyear2015". This code will get you 20% off your ENTIRE order and will be good through Saturday, January 2nd!!


With a HUGE thank you to Crash Games, I am happy to announce the newest addition to the Insert Here line-up - Pay Dirt. Pay Dirt comes with removable trays for easy access to many of the currencies used in the game. This game has the highest quality components and the insert goes a long way in keeping them all organized and neat. You can check out more pictures here.


I want to thank everyone that has already participated in the auction. All funds are going to help purchase transportation back and forth for my father's memorial service. Last minute airline tickets (the date has not been provided to me yet) are going to be tremendously high so I'm trying to sell some personal items to help raise funds. I added two new items to the auction. Hoplomachus: Origins and a BB-8 Sphero remote-control droid - a must have for any Force Awakes fan. You can visit the auction here.


Most of my time is going to be spent working on fulfilling orders. I do plan on getting Blood Rage out next along with La Granja. Thunderbirds is up there along with Argonauts. Please consider leaving feedback either by a testimonial or a product review. So many have sent such kind emails to me in the past. It would mean the world to me to get these up on the site - but only if you have some spare time.

Thank you for your continued patronage. I'm really looking forward to releasing even more inserts in 2016!