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New Release Monday and Last Day of Contest

Mon, 07/18/2016 - 19:08 - Robert Searing

New Releases

It's been awhile since I've had the chance to release some new products. One (Thunderbirds) has been in queue for several months now. A lot of the delay in that one was in getting the expansions. I'm quite happy with these and hope you'll enjoy! You can find many more pictures and description for these on the "New Releases" page here.


This storage system is composed of seven trays and is designed to not only hold the base game, but also the Hood, Above & Beyond, and Tracy Island expansions. It also hold premium sleeved cards. Much time was put into this product as one tray (which holds two smaller ones) is used to hold the base game while each expansion is modularized so that each can be integrated into game-play as you wish. Cards for the Hood expansion are designed to fill the small gap that other trays leave.

Dead of Winter: The Long Night

This storage system is composed of five trays and accommodates sleeved cards. One stack of cards fits into an opening left by the alignment of the trays. Additionally, as seen in the third picture, a handful of tokens are stored underneath the 4th stack of cards (that are meant to be stored leaning vertically.


This insert is simple in design but efficiently organizes the game components while holding sleeved cards.

Incan Gold

This insert is composed of three trays - two, of which, hold the crystals. It also will hold sleeved cards.

Last Day of Contest

I just wanted to thank all that have already entered and remind those that haven't that today is the last day of the joint "Passport Game Studios" and "Insert Here" contest. For more details you can visit the contest page here.