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New Release, Updated Inserts, and Last Day of Contest

Tue, 01/24/2017 - 11:13 - Robert Searing


This storage system is composed of a main tray and (6) removable trays.Four of the trays are designed to hold the individual player cubes and storage shed. Another tray is there to hold the cards (it will hold premium sleeved cards). The last tray is there to hold the individual boats.. You can view more pics of the storage system here.

New Versions


Now Holds

Emperor's Gifts

This, newly revised, storage solution not only holds The Emperor's Gifts expansion, but also will hold sleeved cards. There's not a lot of wiggle room in this insert, however I was able to fit in (3) removable trays for commonly used tokens for easy storage beside the gaming area.. You can view more pics of the storage system here.

Pandemic: The Cure

Now Holds

Experimental Meds

This, newly revised, storage system is designed to hol the base game as well as the Experimental Meds expansion. It does this all and will hold sleeved cards. Two of the larger trays are designed to hold all the different player dice (with two locations there to store expansion dice so that you can decide whether to add then to the bag or not). One tray holds the sleeved cards while another holds the player pawns.. You can view more pics of the storage system here.


I am so very excited to announce that Insert Here, in conjunction with Tasty Minstrel Games, is giving a way a bunch of games and inserts. We'll be giving away a brand new copy of Orleans (retail version), Orleans Invasion, The Oracle of Delphi, and inserts for all of them. Please click here for more details on how to enter.


Just a reminder that every sale, until supplies run out, will ship with an Insert Here meeple - courtesy of Meeple Source.