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New Releases and Shipping Update

Wed, 02/22/2017 - 15:23 - Robert Searing


Above and Below

This storage system is composed of six different trays and will accomodate premium sleeved cards. Three trays hold the various resources and can be placed beside the game area for quick set-up and tear down. Another tray holds the various cards. One of the trays holds the money tokens while the sixth tray holds various other components involved with game set-up. You can view more pics of the storage system here.


This storagte system is composed of five separate trays and will hold premium sleeved cards. The main tray holds the cards, dials, and first player token. Another tray holds the blood tokens (for easy placement beside the play area). There is quite a bit of room here for growth. You can view more pics of the storage system here.

Great Western Trail (BoardGameBoost Version)

This, revised, version of our storage system for Great Western Trail is designed to hold not only the game compontents, but additionally the finely crafted acrylic trays designed, and produced, by BoardGameBoost. This product is composed of six separate trays and will hold premium sleeved cards. Four trays are used to house the individual player pieces so that game set-up is as simple as handing each player their own tray. Two trays are used to hold the various other components. You can view more pics of the storage system here.

Dale of Merchants

This tray is designed to hold both Dale of Merchants 1 and 2 while also holding premium sleeved cards. It fits into the base of either Dale of Merchants game and sits on top of the game boards. The lid of either game fits easily on top of the tray. You can view more pics of the storage system here.


I would like to take a moment to acknowledge, and thank, Pete over at BoardGameBoost. A customer of mine introduced me to his fine work and upon receiving his Great Western Trail acrylic trays, I was amazed at his amazing work. The trays are the perfect compliment to our inserts and we hope to do more versions of our inserts to accommodate his products. Please take a moment to view his work here.

Shipping Update

I owe my customers a sincere apology at the delay in shipping products lately. As many of you know, we're just a small operation, my wife and I (and sometimes our children). There is no machinery involved as each product is hand cut and assembled by us. Many of my competitors offer solutions which involve the customer assembling their products themselves. This can be tedious and difficult. Our business model is to provide a one-stop solution where you can open your Insert Here package and drop the insert right into the board game box. This, however, comes at the price of us having to assemble each product.

That said, the reason we becamse back-logged was due to a sale that I ran at the latter part of last year. We ran the sale too long and accumulated too many "large" quantity orders. This extended our queue longer than we've ever experienced before. Please realize that we are working 7 days-a-week to get caught up and I'm personally working 15 hour days (for several months now) to get orders shipped.

The good news is, however, that we got through that sale and most of our existing orders are smaller. We've also been able to combine similar orders to improve upon efficieny. In the end we've realized that in order to keep our customers happy, we need to limit durations of sales moving forward.

One final comment. As you can tell, new releases have slowed down a bit. That's because I'm devoting 100% of our time on catching up on orders. The new releases you are seeing are due to customers (that have waited in queue) having taken advantage of our "game for insert" policy in which they send me a game to build a customer insert for and, in return, I ship them the insert for free. These customers have waited in queue just as long as everyone else.