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New Releases, Free Giveaway, Auction Update & More

Wed, 01/13/2016 - 11:20 - Robert Searing

Happy Wednesday everyone! There's so much to talk about, so let me get started.


I am happy to announce the release of (3) new products. You can click on each for a detailed description. I want to thank Christian Slain (Kraken Games) and Gavan Brown (Roxley) for helping make the Asking for Trobils and Super Motherload products available. Both are absolutely fantastic games!!

Asking for Trobils

Super Motherload



Some exciting news! I will be giving away the newest X-Wing "large" ship - the Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack. This will be given away and shipped, free (worldwide) on January 30 (11:59pm CST) to a random person that meets the following qualifications:

  1. Likes/Follows Insert Here on Facebook
  2. Shares the Insert Here contest announcement on Facebook
  3. Follows @inserthere_me on Twitter
  4. Shares/Likes the contest announcement on Twitter.

The winner will be announced on the Insert Here web site on January 31st at which point I will gather mailing information to get it in the mail.


My very first Insert Here auction will be ending in just over 3 days (January 16th 11:59pm CST). I'm selling some personal items to help raise money for my father's memorial service. My father, John Searing, passed away on 12/8/2015 and services will be held in the Sprint in New Jersey. You still have time to bid on some really cool items here. Donations can be made, via Paypal, to robertsearing@hotmail.com. To everyone that's already bid, I cannot thank you enough!


The sale I had on Black Friday was bigger than any sale I've ever had. I am a little over half-way done with fulfilling all those orders and trying to mingle in some of the newer orders along with that. Because of this, and trying to get sales that were Christmas presents out before Christmas, I have been running several weeks behind schedule. Feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions. I assure you, I'm doing the very best I can to focus all of my time (7 days-a-week) on completing these timely. I'm doing MUCH better than originally anticipated and have about doubled my production rate due to putting in many more hours into the night to get this done. Having said that, I understand the frustration with waiting on a purchase, so *please* let me know if the purchase you made was for a present/gift!


Thank you thank you thank you thank you! I really cannot say this enough. Thank you for any purchases you have made, for your patience, support....to all those that have followed and liked me on Facebook and Twitter. Being a very small business (2 people) I am just overwhelmed witht he support we've received from the board gaming community.