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PGS Contest Video & New Releases

Thu, 06/16/2016 - 13:32 - Robert Searing

Passport Game Studios Contest Video Released

You can view the video by clicking here. Please bear with me as this is the first video we've shot since being in business for 2+ years. A good portion of the video discussed our beginnings and then shows me thanking those that have been extremely helpful to our business. I then end with the details of the contest. The notes for the video will let you know where to fast forward to if the beginning is a little too dry. I really cannot thank Passport Game Studios enough for contributing so much to make this contest very exciting! The new arrivals below are, essentially, the inserts for the games featured in the video. Each release holds sleeved cards and details about the insert, along with more pictures, can be found by clicking on each individual game.

New Releases

CV & CV-Gossip

Apollo XIII


Hansa Teutonica & East + Britannia Expansions