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Upgraded Betrayal, Reduced Shipping, and New Release

Mon, 10/31/2016 - 10:35 - Robert Searing

Betrayal on the House on the Hill gets a Face Lift

Whenever I design an insert, I try to accomodate sleeved cards. Publishers had started including wonderful inserts into their games were it not for the fact that they didn't hold sleeved cards. Originally, I tended to always look first to Fantasy Flight Sleeves, which were nice and thick premium sleeves. The problem I started encountering was that publishers made irregular cards that didn't always have a Fantasy Flight Games sleeve available. It's been only recently that I have been using Mayday Game sleeves and have had quite a bit of luck finding fits for some of those oddly shaped cards. 

When I first designed the insert for Betrayal I not only couldn't find a sleeve for it using FFG sleeves, but the card stock was durable enough and of a quality that I didn't think many people would want to sleeve these cards. 

Well, with the introduction of the expansion, Widow's Walk, I did some more research and was able to find some Swan Panasia sleeves that were a great fit and nice and thick. I decided to, in my revision, allow for sleeved cards and what I offer now solves both problems. I'm excited about this revision and you can view more pictures, and description, on it's product page here.

NOTE: I've said this many, many times. My business was NOT formed with the idea that I wanted to make money on constant revisions. If it was up to me, Publishers would make everything up front but we all know that isn't possible. To try to make up for this I offer anyone that has purchased a previous copy of a revised insert a 30% off coupon that can be applied to their entire order (so long as it includes the replacement insert). If you would like to take advantage of this, please email me at robertsearing@hotmail.com

Domestic Shipping Rate Reduced

Over the course of doing business 3 years now, I have tried to do everything I can to lower my costs. About a year ago, I lowered prices about 10-15%. This year, do to the help of my family, I am going to reduce my domestic shipping rates from a flat $13 fee to $9. (International customers wll be dependant upon their shipping address. I ship world-wide and the process for obtaining shipping information for international orders can be found at the bottom of our page by clicking on "Shipping Fees". That said, rates will be lower than they once were for international orders as well). Not much to say here other than I want to do everything I can to help bring our customers some savings - if even a small amount.

Coming VERY SOON!!

Robinson Crusoe (Portal 2nd ed)

So I had announced, on social media, that not only was I going to be releasing Betrayal at House on the HIll, but also the new edition of Robinson Crusoe. I was able to get Betrayal complete, but really wanted to make sure I got Robinson correct the first time. So, along those lines, the sleeves I  had planned on using were Fantasy Flight sleeves. They fit the cards, but they were very tight. Mayday Games makes a sleeve that is a half mm bigger and thus I ordered them. As soon as they arrive, I will sleeve the cards and base my insert on use of those sleeves. Definitely look for an insert for the second ed. of Robinson Crusoe this week (it will fit the Voyage of the Beagle expansion). Note: As I was typing this, the postman showed up with the sleeves so this could be released as soon as tomorrow!)

Legends of Andor Journey to the North

This is an insert that should also be released this week. This new game is fantastic and sure to please any Legends of Andor fans. There's tons of components in this one and I look forward to releasing something to help with that very soon.