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Contest Winner Announced....

Mon, 02/29/2016 - 23:12 - Robert Searing

Folks, I just finished assembling 7 inserts and this after taking my son for a college visit. I'm headed to bed. There's an hour left of the giveaway. I will post the winner here tomorrow morning as well as Tweet it and post on Facebook. Thank you to all those that have participated. I want to also ensure that people didn't take advantage of some loopholes. I found someone that was creating hundreds of email accounts in order to enter. Any activity found of a similar manner will disqualify people. I want this to be fun, fair, and a way to thank people for sharing Insert Here. I will not afford people opportunities to take advantage of those good-hearted people that participated with good intentions. I apologize to rant, but it really upsets me when people try to buck the system and take advantage of others. I value my customers and board game fans too much to allow such behavior. So please give me a little time in the morning to peruse the list. Thanks everyone!