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Wed, 03/30/2016 - 11:17 - Robert Searing

Well, I've realized that I'm doing my best to keep all other content up-to-date on the web site, but am failing with news alerts. So, first, shortly you will see the release of both Battlelore (2nd ed) and La Granja. I have ordered the latest Viticulture expansion (Moor Visitors) and will test it with my current insert for the game and, if need be, revise. For those not aware, I always provide discounts for those that are upgrading to a newer version of an insert. I do not want to make money with revisions and want to do my very best to help people out in such circumstances. Surprisingly, I haven't had but 1 person take advantage of my current contest "Star Wars Themed Tweet" option. Doing this, which just asks that you tweet out a Star Wars themed pic that somehow incorporates "Insert Here" into it - an you'll get FIVE entries!! I'll be sending out a newsletter today - so watch for that for more details on news items.