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Clank! (v3)


This organizer is designed to hold the base game along with the Sunken Treasures and Mummy's Curse expansions. It is composed of ten trays and will hold premium sleeved cards. Six of the trays are used to hold the individual player cards and pieces for easy distriution at the beginning of the game. Another tray is used to hold the remaining cards while another holds the bag and larger tokens. The two remaining trays hold the various compoents. IMPORTANT: This organizer fits into the main box and requires use of either of the two expansion boxes to hold the manuals and boards. Also note that the only difference between this and version 2 of this organizer is the style of the large card organizer. If you already own version 2 and would just like the newer organizer simply email me (robertsearing@hotmail.com) and I can work out a deal for you.