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Dinosaur Island


This insert is designed to fit into both the original and the Totally LIquid expansion boxes. It is designed to hold all the game components from each. It is also designed to hold the upgraded components that come in the xtreme/deluxe version of each and will hold premium sleeved cards. All of the boards are supposed to be stored in the Totally Liquid box (as pictured) with the cloth bag laying on top. The manuals are meant to be stored on top of the trays in the main box. Five of the trays are meant to hold the individual player pieces (for easy distribution at the beginning of the game). Another tray holds the dino recipe tiles while another holds the other tiles, organizing them into three different sections for the different types of smaller tiles. The dinosaur tokens are mean to be organized into three different trays with another tray designed to hold the other plastic components with yet another tray to hold the dice and another to hold the upgrade tokens. (Game not included)