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Imperial Assault II


This insert is designed to hold quite a lot and accommodate sleeved cards as well and it does ths by utlizing the Return to Hoth game box. It holds the following expansions: Return to Hoth, Twin Shadows, Wookie Warrioris, Stormtroopers, Bantha Rider, Leia Organa Rebel Commander, Echo Base Troopers, General Sorin Vicious Tactician, Dengar Ruthless Killer, Alliance Smuggler, and Hired Guns expansions/packs.

Note: All of the cardboard tokens fit into the original Imperial Assault game box into the two token trays - although it is a bit tight. I have redesgned the two trays to make more room and will offer them at an extremely reduced price (impassaultray001 SKU). Please take a look at them in the store and should you want to pick them up for your original insert.

This insert essentially holds everything post my earlier insert up to the expansions mentioned above. It is primarily designed for those that have picked up the first insert. I will offer a discout to those that wish to purchase both inserts. Use coupon code "impassaultcombo" and you will save $15.00 if you purchase both at the same time. (Game not included)