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Legends of Andor Part 3: The Last Hope


This insert is designed to hold both the Last Hope base game and the Dark Heroes expansion. It is composed of six trays and will hold the smaller cards in premium sleeves (the story cards are not meant to be held sleeved). One of the trays holds the standees (in their stands) separated into three categories; heroes, red-based monsters, and grey/white/black-based characters. Another tray is used to hold all the player components organized by color/type. The remaining two trays were designed to hold similarly themed pieces in an orgainzed manner. There is a section for the tutorial cards/tokens and one for the grey, red, and white die and various non-hero wooden pieces. Other pieces are separated by type or category.

 Important: this insert requires you to keep the Dark Heroes expansion as the tray that holds all the story cards (for the base and expansion) fit inside of it. You must also store the two thick story cards and two larger player boards inside the expansion box.