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marvel champions board game insert

Marvel Champions


We have an entire storage system for Marvel Champions. The trays are designed to be stored within either the Hobby Lobby or Michael's art boxes (sold separately through their sites). All of our trays are designed to store sleeved cards. You can fit four rows of trays within a box and all of our non-card trays come with lids (as pictured. The bit, dial, and mini card trays are designed so that they each take up half of a column. The price shown here will purchase all the wave 1 trays in the attached sheet which you can download here. If you purchase the entire set, it is offered at a discounted price and can be purchased off of our site. If you would like to piece-part a set using the pricing sheet, please contact me directly at robertsearing@hotmail.com.

Please note: The art boxes are sold separately. The Hobby Lobby box is taller than the Michael's box and you will need a piece of foam board (also sold separately or you can contact me diretly, via robertsearing@hotmail.com, to purchase it). That said, if you purchase the Hobby Lobby box you can store all of the instruction booklets in it on top of the trays.  (Game not included)