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Stuffed Fables (v2)


This, newly designed, organizer was designed to specifically hold the beautiful deluxe token package (sold separately) and available here from Top Shelf Gamer. It is composed of five removable trays and will hold premium sleeved cards. One tray is designed to hold the larger cards along with the train token with a slot to hold the hero minis and upgraded door token. Another tray is there to hold the upgraded button,  stuffing, and heart tokens. Yet another tray is there to hold the baddies and mini-cards. Two final trays are there to hold the remaining upgraded tokens (including the objective and lost tokens with new tokens to represent points of interest and vendors. There is a recess provided to store the bag with all of the dice stored inside. The storybook is designed to fit on top of the organizer with enough space on one end to account for the binding. (NOTE: Upgrade kit is sold separately by Top Shelf Gamer and available here for purchase through their site). (Game not included)