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This insert is composed of (9) removable trays and is designed to hold both the Stronghold Games and TMG versions of the base game and The Inn plus The Port expansions. It will also hold cards sleeved in premium FFG sleeves. This one's a very tight fit and is designed to hold many of the board components (along with the cloth bags; one holding the plague cubes and the other holding the monks) in the lower tray. I have pictured a sugested setup on how to get all of that to fit into the bottom tray. Once that is complete, all the other trays easily fit into their reserved places. It comes with (5) trays to hold individual player pieces for easy distribution to players at the beginning of the game. (1) tray holds the cards while the remaining trays hold the remaining tokens and cubes.This is a very tight fit and although the lid closes 100% on my version, variation in foam board thickness *may* cause your lid to leave a very small gap at the bottom.