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Western Legends


This insert is designed to hold the base game, the Fistful of Extras expansion and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly expansion. It is composed of eight trays an will hold all of the cards stored in premium sleeves. It will also hold the assembled general store. Three trays are designed to hold the mini cards. One of them will hold the goal cards and another the store cards. The last will hold the money and fight cards. One tray will hold the various larger cards in three different piles. One tray will hold the miniatures (one section for the players and another for the bandits and sheriff). Another tray will hold the various player pieces all organized by color while one tray serves as a resources tray for quick and easy placement beside the board at set-up time. A final tray holds the legendary tokens stored in the accompanied bag. Note: The premium sleeves I used for the mini cards are the Fantasy Flight Games' 'red' sleeves. They are a bit long, but does a good job protecting the cards. The cards do fit quite snugly in the general store.