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Biggest Release Ever!

Sun, 04/07/2019 - 19:03 - Robert Searing

I am so excited to release these twelve inserts. That said, I wanted to take time to provide a small update on my personal progress as well as make a comment regarding the releases. First, with regards to the new products, I wanted to inform everyone that I do offer a program where I will design, build, and ship (for free) an insert for any game not featured in my store in exchange for a copy of said game. Nearly all of the inserts releasing today were a result of this program. I will build these in the order in which they were placed, in the same queue that normal orders are placed. I state this only to let people know that I am not pushing out sold orders just to get new products released.

Lastly if you aren't already aware, I underwent a quadruple heart bypass surgery at the end of January. The doctors were able to catch four blockages (two at 100%) before any heart damage occured. That said, they went and removed an artery in my left arm which has impacted my ability to do a great many things, not to mention build inserts. Although I am not 100% yet, I am doing much better and back to working all four of my jobs. I am back to making inserts seven days a week in order to try to catch up. I owe everyone a huge apology for the delays. This caused me to extend my shipping time by about another 4-5 weeks - but i am narrowing that down each and every day. Thank you SO much for your patience and please know that I am moving as quickly as I can and working 16-18 hour days (among all of my jobs).