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By C. Scott D. on 11/29/2016 - 11:54am

Elder Sign is one of my favourite games, but has one of the worst box/storage designs. The insert that comes with the game is worse than useless and the components don't fit properly at all...

This Board Game Insert solves all of those problems, and turns Elder Sign into a well-ogranised game that's quick and easy to setup. The components fit perfectly into separate trays, and there's still plenty of room for expansions.

I highly recommend it!

C. Scott Davis


By J Mauricio H. on 05/02/2017 - 11:13pm

I love how all the components fit perfectly in this insert. I communicated with the owners a couple of times and they were very attentive. Rob and Erica are the best! Thanks

By Nick K. on 10/07/2016 - 10:01pm

These inserts are made with ease of setup in mind, which is something I love.  There are individual trays for each player army and a very nice holder for all of the cards sleeved.  Build quality is top notch, and everything fits nicely together in the box.  This was my first insert from this site, and it won't be my last!

By Scott D. on 09/02/2016 - 2:06pm

This insert is high quality and makes set up and take down 100% easier. I just recently purchased Dead of winter: The Long Night and forgot how awful setting up and putting away the game is. I just purchased the insert for that as well! 



By Anna H. on 07/06/2016 - 9:18am

Rob puts so much care into his designs and it truly shows in the evolution of this insert! The current version of this insert, which holds two additional expansions, is a complete overhaul from the original. Either way this is a great insert for Legends of Andor but what I think this design overhaul showcases is the care that has gone into making sure this insert, and any other insert Rob makes, is truly the absolute best design for the game and his customers. 

I know this to be true because, earlier this year, before this updated design was released,  Rob reached out to me when he was making my Legends of Andor insert. He wanted to see if I was planning to buy either of the game's newly released expansions, because he was in the process of this redesig to accomodate them, and wanted to make sure my insert was compatible. When I told Rob I wasn't sure whether or not I was planning to buy them but would be happy to wait for his re-design, he insisted on sending me a version that incorporated BOTH models so I could use the old version until I bought the expansions and the new version after. Super awesome. Great insert, great guy, great company. You will not be disappointed. 

By Anna H. on 07/06/2016 - 9:23am

What I love most about Rob's designs are how easy they make setup and how useful they are during the actual gameplay! I've seen Rob call other designs "storage systems" and I believe this particular insert definitely fits that bill for Robinson Crusoe. This insert replaced a plano box for me and has made it possible for me to get this game out in mere minutes. Yes, there is still a ton of setup, but the task is far less daunting and the ease at which I can access all the pieces during gameplay is what really makes me so glad I purchased this. I also love the attention to detail that has gone into the design (including its re-design) and production! The craftmanship shows! Not to mention that, no matter how I've turned this game, the pieces have stayed where they belong.

By Anna H. on 07/06/2016 - 9:18am

Without this insert, Fields of Arle is a giant, empty box with a bunch of baggies. And, to be honest, if it weren’t for this insert, I don’t think I’d still own the game! Time is my biggest opponent when it comes to playing games and the number of pieces in Fields of Arle has made it incredibly daunting to get to the table. Just sorting the pieces into the insert took me an hour--which, in my opinion, is a compliment to its well thought out design. Every single piece has an intuitive and easy to access place in this insert! I highly recommend it if you are looking for a way to drastically diminish the time it takes you to set up and take down this game. I've found it to be a fantastic addition.

By Anna H. on 07/06/2016 - 9:24am

Before buying this insert, I had spent months organizing and re-organzing my copy of Elder Sign, completely unable to get the components to stay separated during storage AND easily accesible during gameplay. Most everything I had tried (a plano box, baggies, my own frankenstein verion of the cardboard insert) improved the organization of the pieces but were at best awkward, and at worst frustrating, during gameplay and setup/cleanup. Not to mention, with my improvised storage solutions, there was zero space for the expansions (all of which I own). Then I stumbled upon this insert and purchased it immediately. The design is impeccable! And how Rob managed to get everything to fit is equally amazing. I have not looked back once and I would buy it again in a heart beat! In fact, it was this insert that truly made me a foamcore convert. The ease of setup, and the useful of each of the trays during gameplay, have changed the way I look at playing Elder Sign. "Ugh too long to setup," has turned to "I can get that playing in minutes." That alone is more than worth the cost to me. And, if you're worried about the lid not closing all the way, I can say that I really don't notice it and find it a more than welcome trade off for the organization. 

By Brian A. on 06/11/2016 - 2:20pm

Fields of Arle has a lot of bits that were in lots of bags before. This insert organizes and speeds up the set up and break down of the game. Very easy to find all the pieces needed. Just a great product all around. Highly recommend this to anyone who has this game. Makes playing that much better as it's quicker to the game and less about putting everything out.

Brian Ashmore

By Daniel G. on 03/06/2016 - 1:43pm

The insert is well designed and it does hold the items listed in the product description, however there are more expansions than what was listed.  If you have just the expansions listed everything should fit, but if you have everything that has released for the game you'll find the alien race cards overflow this insert.  The other nitpick is the ufo storage that requires you to stack the ufos I found to be really tight and and sometimes a pain to get all the ufos into at times.  If this were made of anything else but foam core that at least has a little give, you wouldn't be able to stack them all in the skinny slots.  Overall a great insert, but like I said if you've got every expansion to date, you'll find that more room is needed.